Fresher Ms. Carolyn Scott shares her insights and valuable feedback after completing the Online Early Childhood Education Course by Learn2Teach. Being a fresher she feels confident and equipped to teach children in this age group. She now understands developmental milestones and choosing the right pedagogy as well as planning the curriculum.

  Ms. Unaizah with 4 years of experience teaching preschoolers appreciates the content of the Online ECE Course. Ms. Unaizah has benefited as an educator as well as a parent. The course has definitely helped her both personally and professionally.

  Senior Kindergarten teacher Koel Ghoshal shares her experience after completing the Online ECE Course by Learn2Teach. Ms. Koel has 5 years of experience teaching Junior & Senior Kindergarten classes.

  Playgroup teacher Ms. Farzin Gandhi shares her insights and valuable feedback after completing the Online Early Childhood Education Course by Learn2Teach. Ms. Farzin has 3 years of experience as a playgroup teacher in a reputed school in Pune.

  Educator Mitali S. with over 12 years or experience in the education field. Former centre head at a reputed preschool, Ms. Mitali shares her experience with the Online Early Childhood Education Course offered by Learn2Teach through the web portal and application.

  Mrs. Deshpande shares her feedback after the Parenting Workshop by parenting coach Mrs. Insiyah Rahim organised at her child's preschool in association with Early Childhood Association.

  Pasi Matilla CEO of Finpeda (A leading educational consultancy from Finland) expresses his thoughts and insights about working with Indian Participants for the Finnish Phenomenon ECE Training. The 5 day training program was conducted by expert Finnish Trainers in partnership with Learn2Teach. 43 participants from various cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Aurangabad, Indore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Vishakapatnam attended the course.

  Mrs. Nithya shares her insights and learnings from the Finnish Phenomenon ECE Training hosted by Learn2Teach in Pune.

  Mrs. Purandare from Stepping Stones High School shares her experience at the Finnish Phenomenon ECE Training organized by Learn2Teach at Residency Club Pune.

  Mrs. Adiyeri gives her feedback and experience after attending the ECE training offered by Learn2Teach in collaboration with Finnish Expert Trainers from Finpeda.

  Mrs. Poonam Srinath attended the Finnish Phenomenon ECE Training in Pune and shares key insights after attending the session. Poonam is the founder for Teeny Boppers Playschool in Vishakapatnam.

  Dr. Swati Vats, addresses the Finnish Phenomenon Early Childhood Education Training as the Guest of Honour. ECA was an education partner and Dr. Vats explains how global trends, importance of play and not testing children will help change the education system of India for the better.

  Mrs. Harry gives her feedback about the two day training workshop at Seedlings School. Her takeaway was innovative teaching methods and homework assignments which she plans to implement in the ongoing curriculum.

  Mrs. Bakshi gives testimony about how she and her team have benefitted from the training. She hopes for a long association with Learn2Teach in the future as well.

  Mrs. Sabita gives her feedback about how the training program has benefited the teachers and school at various levels. On a personal front, the training has made her more confident and better equipped to train her team of Pre-primary teachers.

  Mrs. Chaube gives feedback about how the training has helped the pre-primary teachers of Royal Oaks World School. After a month long training session with 7 pre-primary teachers (delivered by Insiyah Rahim & Arpita Jain), the takeaway for the teachers was clarity in the teaching objectives and understanding the pedagogy for different learning styles.

  Teacher training program is very good. Faculty expertise is commendable. Each session brings a new experience in teaching as well as interaction with children.

  Toddlers nursery Pune is the best preschool that I know from my personal experience.Had done teacher training and Montessori training from toddlers.I am extremely satisfied with the training.Our principal Insiyah ma'am is the best teacher, her knowledge, warmth and positive attitude towards everything makes the school environment happy and positive.The best thing about the principal is that she always keeps updating her knowledge and applies it for the development of the school.Thus the teaching methods are different from the traditional one's and are more effective for child's over all development.

  Loved the workshop. I attended both the sessions and I feel rejuvenated and charged up as a parent to give my best for my children. Thank you to the dynamic duo conducting it.

  Excellent workshop! It was an eye opener for me. I could connect with the problems mentioned in the presentation. Congratulations to both the trainers, you have done a fantastic job!

  The workshop was very nice and thank you for arranging it. The child’s perspective was highlighted which I liked the most and the day-to-day challenges were addressed in a very good way. Very interactive and awesome session. Hope for more workshops in the future.

  We take parenting for granted. After attending this workshop I got such a lot of new information and tips. I am so happy I attended this workshop now I feel confident for my daughter’s upbringing. Please arrange such workshops more frequently!