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Finnish ECE Training
Posted on 26 Sep 2019



15500 per module


10 - 100 hr

Service description

Teach Like a Finn. Experts from Finland will deliver Education Concepts the Finnish Phenomenon way. A peak into the World's Most Sucessful School System will help educators understand what the Finnish schools are all about. An opportunity to take back tangible ideas and solutions for your institute. This course is specially crafted for early childhood and middle school teachers, principals, development team, school management, leadership and any educational enthusiast. We are happy to organise this course / program for your school or educators in your city.

Group Size - 10+ educators

Venue - Can be customised for your school for 10+ educators

Topics - Choose any one of the curriculum topics to get started.


Service plan


Foundations of ECE: Meaningful Experiences and Joyful Learning

    10 hours

Foundations of ECE: Child Development and Learning

    10 hours

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