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Experts in early child-care, curriculum, and psychology carefully craft each course.
Our faculty is known for their innovation and creativity in helping you overcome teaching and parenting challenges
Our unique courses can be customized for the specific needs of your institution.


In 2011, a year after we had set up our first preschool (Toddlers™ Nursery) branch in Pune, we had almost doubled in size and were interviewing to recruit teachers.  The candidates we were interviewing were good but somehow not fitting the bill.  Many of them had work experience, while some were freshers with certificates in Montessori Training. Even after having done a training course most of them were lacking the passion and/or confidence to teach. Having taught and studied in the USA, I was slightly disappointed with the quality of candidates that I was offered. This is when we decided that let’s design our own teacher training course and offer it to our teachers as well as any candidate who we might consider as a teacher. We establilshed “Wise Owl Training” as the parent company under which Learn2Teach brand was formed.

Stemming from our own personal need of passionate teachers, who would know the right pedagogy and be abreast with international best practices, we started with our Teacher Training Course. The course comprised of modules like Brain theory & child development, the Montessori method of teaching, Multiple Intelligences, Designing Syllabus and Lesson Plans to IT Skills, Measuring Learning and Traits of an efficient teacher. We kept revising our course content with feedback from the candidates as well as latest findings from my travels abroad. Our candidates have got placements in the top preschools and the training has really helped them in many ways in their careers.

My husband and I are also very hands-on in our parenting style which allows us to keep learning from our two children. Interacting with parents of toddlers regularly and through our own experiences we felt we could share our findings to help parents deal with the common challenges in parenting. We started in-house with counseling sessions and workshops. With positive results, feedback and encouragement from happy parents we started offering workshops in other schools for their parents. Raising happy and confident children is not easy and helping parents & toddlers makes us happy.



- To be the Nation’s Best Institute for Online Teacher Training & Parenting Courses.


- To keep the holistic development of the child as the central theme

- To help teachers & parents nurture confident & happy children

- To impart highest quality training & workshops

- To help schools & individuals increase their effectiveness

- To incorporate international best practices & pedagogy

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Our Teachers

Experts in early child-care, curriculum, and psychology carefully craft each course. Our faculty is known for their innovation and creativity in helping you overcome teaching and parenting challenges.

Insiyah Rahim
Teacher Training / Parenting

Mrs. Insiyah Rahim is the founder of LEARN2TEACH. She has trained 100's of teachers over the past 5 years and has conducted numerous parenting workshops. Mrs. Insiyah Rahim is also the Director of Training, Research & Development at Toddlers Nursery. She has done her Masters in Management from Syracuse University, USA. She also persued a course in Teacher Training & Preschool Management in the USA. Having studied & taught in the US she brings a lot of value to the organisation

Murtuza Rahim
IT & Communication / Parenting

Mr. Murtuza Rahim is the co-founder of LEARN2TEACH and on the Board of Directors at Toddlers Nursery. He has graduated in Computer Science from University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, USA. Mr. Murtuza Rahim worked at Motorolla and Yahoo! as a Senior Software Engineer. In 2011, he joined Toddlers Nursery, using technology to streamline processes and help it scale. Mr. Murtuza's passion for parenting has lead him to develop a program - One Hour With Dad.

Anita Mirashi
Curriculum Development / Mentor

Mrs. Anita Mirashi has been in the preschool industry for more than 2 decades. She is the Principal, at one of the largest preschools in Maharashtra, Toddlers Nursery head branch in Aurangabad. Mrs. Mirashi has a passion for currciculum development and teacher training. Mrs. Mirashi offers her expertise and experience as a mentor and curriculum development guide at LEARN2TEACH.

Mrs. Insiyyah Hussain
Early Childhood Expert, Mentor

Mrs. Insiyyah Hussain has over 30 years of experience in Early Child Care. Mrs. Hussain has studied early child care from Nirmala Niketan, Mumbai and is the founder of Toddlers Nursery Preschools. She has been awarded the 'National Mahila Excellence' award and 'The Best Women Entrepreneur' by WIMA. She was also felicitated by Sir Ratan Tata for being an Icon of the City of Aurangabad. Her contribution to early childcare is immense and she is an advisor for LEARN2TEAC

Reeta Passi
Thought Leader, Parenting Expert

Reeta Passi has 30 years experience in Education in India and abroad. Reeta is a Consultant with Education Resource Council, Delhi World Foundation. She is a Life Skills Educator working as Global Presence Ambassador and Thought Leader with an International Consciousness Movement Parenting 2.0,  the Motto of which is 'Raising Humanity Collaboratively and Consciously. She has been awarded as "Iconic Woman" at Women Economic Forum Delhi 2016.

Dr. Angelo D'Cruize
Advisor & Mentor

Dr. Angelo Michael D'Cruize PhD (Education) M.Sc. B.Ed. TTC has been awarded his PhD from University of France. Sir is currently the Principal of Stepping Stones High School. Dr. D'Cruize is the Vice President of Aurangabad Sahodaya of Schools and also CBSE Panel member for inspection of Schools in India. An exceptional orator, educationist, mentor and strategic advisor at L2T.

Dr. Monali Deshpande
Psychiatrist & Advisor

Dr. Deshpande is a Consultant psychiatrist at Mindseye clinic. She has been practising since 12 yrs and specialises in child psychiatry and transactional analysis. Dr. Deshpande is the Executive committee member of the Indian Psychiatric Society West Zone. She is also the Convener Private Psychiatry speciality section of the Indian Psychiatric society. She is the President at PANKH NGO for mental health awareness. Dr. Deshpande is a poet, dancer and above all a student for life.

Arpita Jain
Curriculum Design / Training

Mrs. Arpita Jain has over 10 years of experience in the preschool industry. She has worked in different capacities as a teacher, Academic Head and Vice Principal at the Head branch of Toddlers Nursery. She is currently the Principal at the Jyotinagar branch of Toddlers Nursery, Aurangabad. She is passionate about experimenting new concepts with children and is always buzzing with new ideas. Her strengths include designing curriculum, implementing new techniques and training teachers.

Mrs. Ekta Ahuja
Curriculum Design / Training

Mrs. Ekta Ahuja has a vast experience of training, curriculum development, and professional development skills both in the corporate and education sector. As a lead trainer for L2T, Ekta has worked on various projects. Her passion lies in spoken English and Reading Comprehension Programs for Children. Ekta heads The Nardagani Reading Program at Learn2Teach. A USA based simple and effective way to learn to read, improve reading fluency and pronunciation in just 20 sessions.

Mrs. Riddhi Gogri Dedhia
Special Educator

Ms.Riddhi, a seasoned special educator with 13+ years' experience, is dedicated to transforming education. Her background in special education & passion for fostering inclusivity drive her mission to empower teachers. Riddhi enhances classroom practices, creating dynamic, inclusive learning environments. Her expertise includes inclusive culture development, curriculum adaptation, & accessible teaching methods. She's impacted over 100 professionals across multiple schools.