Multiple Intelligences

Module Description

1.    Who should take the module?

The Multiple Intelligence Module is for parents, teachers and care givers of children within early years age group. The module has been scientifically designed and developed by Learn2Teach Institute with a special focus on early childhood developmental stages that enable candidates to understand holistic learning philosophies and individual educational needs. However, many principal and fundamentals to raise a HAPPY child can be applied for all age groups of children with minor adaptations.

2.    Content of the module

In the Multiple Intelligence Module you will get a fresh perspective to intelligence and learn how intelligence cannot be defined with a singular number but in fact intelligence can be measured and developed across 8 different facets. This philosophy has been coined by Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner. I hope that by the end of this module, we can steer away from the standard question of ‘HOW SMART IS MY CHILD’ and move towards asking ‘HOW IS MY CHILD SMART’.

3.    How to navigate the module?

a)    Watch the video (not once but multiple times). Pause, rewind and re-watch parts as you feel necessary.
b)    Keep your note-pad and pen with you to take notes.
c)    Research to read additional material provided.
d)    Once you’ve completed a module, you can take the MCQ test online.
e)    Don’t worry if you don’t clear it the first time, you can take the test again.

4.    How will you benefit from this module?

a)    Candidates who teach in schools, work as private care givers and also as a parent gain better insight in your child’s early learning needs.
b)    Know about all modern and unconventional ways to teach and facilitate young learners
c)    Be eligible to work better in daycare, local preschools or as private care givers.


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Mehar Tharwani, Pune

Wide topic covered very well

Smita Vishal Jagdale, pune

Best information n explained very well!!

Mariyam Rampurwala, Pune

Nice, well explained and to understand each child have their strengths

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Multiple Intelligences

Multiple Intelligence is a theory by Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner, which helps us understand the unique intelligence in each child. Every child is intelligent, we need to understand which is the best method to create a learning plan which leaves no child behind.


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