Effective Online Teaching

Course Description

Who should take the course?

Online Teaching is the way forward in the current times with advancements in technology and ease of access for all. Online teaching can be as effective as classroom teaching if teachers embrace new technologies and learn the right skills (and tools) to support them.

This course is for preschool and highschool teachers, college professors, private tutors, trainers and educators leading teams of teachers. The Effective Online Teaching course has been scientifically designed and developed by Learn2Teach Institute with a special focus on Confidence, Online Curriculum Design and Step by Step guides to available technologies.


Content of the course (Modules covered)

This course will give you a 360-degree preview into all the skills and features of available platforms teachers can utilise to teach Online lessons in an efficient and effective manner. The L2T’s Effective Online Teaching Certification course is divided into 3 modules that cover the below topics –

  1. Online Readiness
  2. Impactful Online Curriculum
  3. Tech Savvy Teaching


How to navigate the course?

  1. Watch the videos (not once but multiple times)
  2. Keep your note-pad and pen with you to take notes
  3. Research to read additional materials online or in books
  4. Once you’ve completed a module, you can take the MCQ test online
  5. 75% is the pass criteria for the test
  6. Don’t worry if you don’t clear it the first time, you can take the test again
  7. Once you pass the test, the current module will get locked (you will not have access to this module video anymore) and you can go to the next module
  8. After completing the last module, you one take final test to get your certificate


How will you benefit from this course?

  1. Candidates can teach online, any subject academic or co-curricular in an effective manner
  2. Know about all modern and unconventional ways to teach and facilitate learners
  3. Be eligible to work in schools, colleges, private classes, tuitions or activity classes
  4. At the end of the course, candidates will get a certification


Once you are certified, the most important way to build your career is through experience. You will be equipped to teach your subject matter in an Online environment in an effective manner.



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Effective Online Teaching

Online teaching can be as effective as classroom teaching if teachers embrace new technologies and learn the right skills (and tools) to support them. This version of Effective Online Teaching is edited for Kyt Academy Teachers and is supported with mock sessions, body language and soft skills coaching as well as online audit sessions.


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