Nardagani Reading Program
Posted on 29 Jul 2021



Rs. 10,000.00


3 Days

Service description

Have a passion to Read & Educate? Want to Start your own Online or Offline classes? Let the expert's help you do it efficiently and professionally. We help you with lesson plans, resource materials and Nardagani kits for teachers and children. USA’s most loved reading program that simplifies and improves reading fluency in 20 sessions only!

Who can learn the program?

Passionate educators, experienced teachers, parents or someone who just loves children and wants to embark on this journey of teaching reading via a high quality international program.

What do you need?

1. Offline classroom space or laptop and high speed internet to teach online.

2. 6 hours training over a period of 2 days to get certified.

3. Excellent communication, patience and a passion to teach.

4. Marketing support, branding and events will be recommended and planned for you.

Insiyah Rahim
Teacher Training / Parenting
Mrs. Ekta Ahuja
Curriculum Design / Training

Service plan


Introduction to Nardagani

    30 minutes

Revision of Consonants & Vowels

    20 minutes

12 Symbols - Introduction & Activities

    120 minutes

Nardagani Kit - Objective & Instructions

    30 minutes

20 Lesson Plan

    120 minutes

Nardagani Key & Other Resource Sheets

    40 minutes

3 Reviews

  • Reyansh Sanghra's Mother
    This has been a great program. Reyansh is reading independently and his skills have improved tremendously. I particularly love the way he understands the symbols and instructions without being assisted also!
  • Hridaan Agarwal's Mother
    The program was very effective for Hridaan. He learnt to read well and his spellings improved alot. What I liked the most was that with the help of the symbols he learned to pronounce words correctly.
  • Rohan Rosireddy's Mother
    Rohan did very well. The Nardagani program was so effective for him and he improved alot in a short span. The best part about it was excited about the class and always looked forward to it!